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おい、誰も騒いでないから騒ぐけどExternal Network AccessっていうSnowflakeから外部へアクセスできる機能、データサイロ完全にぶっ壊せるぞ。

SnowflakeからExternal Network Accessを利用してGoogle BigQueryのデータを取得する話

Relay: Streamlining UI Development from Figma to Compose

Hello. My name is K, and I am currently working as an android engineer in Kurashiru. Preface Brief Intro to Relay Creating UI Packages with Relay Using the component in Android Studio Map to Compose Theme Map to Existing Components Review…

iOSDC 2023に登壇しました & 社内で聴講した内容の共有会を行いました


iOSDCについて iOSDCは公式ページによると、 iOSDC Japan 2023はiOS関連技術をコアのテーマとしたソフトウェア技術者のためのカンファレンスです。 と紹介されており、日本最大級のiOS関連のカンファレンスと知られています。 iOSDC 2023では1,409枚のチケッ…

Sharding vs. Partitioning Demystified: Scaling Your Database

Hello, I'm Allan, a Server-Side Engineer at Kurashiru While Kurashiru predominantly relies on MySQL, it's intriguing to explore the broader landscape of database management. Enter PostgreSQL, a robust contender, known for its powerful tec…



Utilising UX Mapping Method for Task Identification and Prioritisation by Kurashiru Search Team

Hi, I am Akane, a UI/UX designer at Kurashiru’s search team. This time I would like to talk about how our search team uses the UX mapping methods to organise, identify and prioritise our tasks from the product’s perspective by using “User …

dbt's Slim CI: An Introduction to Efficient Data Modeling CI Workflow

Hello, my name is Niko, and I am currently working in Kurashiru's data enabling team as a newly joined data engineer. While I'm enthusiastic about learning Japanese, my proficiency with Japanese particles is still a work in progress (笑). …