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Utilising UX Mapping Method for Task Identification and Prioritisation by Kurashiru Search Team

Hi, I am Akane, a UI/UX designer at Kurashiru’s search team. This time I would like to talk about how our search team uses the UX mapping methods to organise, identify and prioritise our tasks from the product’s perspective by using “User …

dbt's Slim CI: An Introduction to Efficient Data Modeling CI Workflow

Hello, my name is Niko, and I am currently working in Kurashiru's data enabling team as a newly joined data engineer. While I'm enthusiastic about learning Japanese, my proficiency with Japanese particles is still a work in progress (笑). …


もうすぐ8月で猛暑も超えて酷暑の季節になりましたね 毎日エアコンで涼みながら最近はEMとして仕事している「みうら」です。お久しぶりです。 前回私の書いたブログ記事では、採用活動に関わっていたと記載していました。転職活動や選考フローへの参加は自身…